Big Brother's emergency evacuation

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  • 18 August 2010
Big Brother's emergency evacuation

Big Brother's emergency evacuation

'Big Brother' housemates return to the house after a freak storm and flooding led to evacuation last night (17.08.10)

The 'Big Brother' housemates have returned to the house after a dramatic evacuation caused by flooding.

All nine contestants were forced to leave the house and go to a nearby hotel last night (17.08.10), after a freak storm led to severe flooding in certain parts of the house.

The housemates had been in the middle of their weekly shopping task when they were informed at 9.15pm that they would have to leave the house as a "precautionary measure".

A spokesperson for the Channel 4 show told the Mail Online: "I can confirm that after some flooding in the 'Big Brother' house all the housemates have been evacuated as a precautionary measure."

The live feed was cut owing to the bad weather and it had been thought that the flooding was so severe the house would not be deemed safe for housemates to return to at all.

However, upon further investigation it was discovered that certain sections of the house are fine and the housemates returned to temporary accommodation in the large task room - complete with air mattresses - five hours after evacuation, while essential maintenance is being carried out on the rest of the house.

Host Davina McCall took to her twitter account to reassure fans that flood damage would not interfere with the show.

She tweeted: "You will be amazed at what they can do. Don't worry, they will sort it out. This is 'Big Brother'."

Shortly afterwards, she added: "Housemates back in house... all going to be ok. Love that Dunkirk spirit."

Big Brother has told the housemates that there will be an announcement today, explaining how the flood will affect this week's shopping task.

Several housemates have said how good it is to be back in the house and commented that it was weird "being away from home."

The housemates were in high spirits on their return, with a pillow fight breaking out between Corin, Mario and Andrew and minister David letting the air out of Sam's airbed while he slept.

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