June Brown misses Windsor gossip

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  • 18 August 2010
June Brown

June Brown

'EastEnders' actress June Brown is missing her former co-star Barbara Windsor - but hopes to holiday with her soon

June Brown is missing 'EastEnders' veteran Barbara Windsor following her departure from the show.

June - who plays Dot Cotton in the popular BBC One soap - admitted she misses going for a coffee and a gossip with the actress, who had played the role of loveable landlady Peggy Mitchell since 1994.

She explained: "Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) said to me just the other day, 'June, are you missing Barbara?' and I said yes. She was always coming in for a coffee. We get on very well, she makes me laugh, gives me all of the gossip and she's extremely intelligent. She has asked me to go and stay with her at her place in the Mediterranean so hopefully I'll be able to do that."

The actress - who is a smoker in real life - admitted chain smoking to play the role of washer woman Dot isn't something that worries her.

She told OK! magazine: "I don't count how many cigarettes I smoke. I think the worry is the dangerous thing. I don't want to read all those nasty messages. I'm convinced that my mother's cancer, which she died from, was caused by anxiety and stress. It's dangerous to worry, it's dangerous to fear."

However, 83-year-old June admitted her character would probably be more worried about the damage her smoking does to her health, as she's a "hypochondriac".

She added: "She's a hypochondriac - when she thought she had cancer it turned out to be a boil and when she swallowed chewing gum she was worried it would get entwined in her intestines, which is not like me at all."

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