Tim Westwood offered 50k for DOI

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  • 17 August 2010
Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood

DJ Tim Westwood has been offered £50,000 to appear on this year's 'Dancing On Ice' - but doesn't know whether to accept or not

Tim Westwood has been offered £50,000 to appear in 'Dancing On ice'.

The DJ is currently deciding whether or not to accept the large financial offering to take to the ice for the next series of the ice skating competition, after TV executives approached him about the show.

He tweeted: "Been offered £50,000 to go on 'Dancing On Ice' - could you see me wearing sequinned outfits! Should I do it?"

As Tim's fans and friends on the social networking site tried to convince him to accept the offering, the radio star admitted he was put off by the glitzy costumes, but the money was tempting.

He wrote: "Why is everyone saying I should do it? I'd have to dance on ice with a woman who looks like a man in drag.

"It's a maximum of 12 Sundays with some extra training and it's a straight £50k - even if I sprain a muscle and have to pull out."

Seemingly unable to come to a decision, Tim decided to let his followers choose for him.

He wrote: "I'm gonna let twitter decide if I'm going to do 'Dancing On Ice'.

"I need to know - are you saying yes for my benefit or so you can have a cruel cheap laugh at my expense?"

Eventually, Tim decided to think the decision through himself, and headed off to his local ice rink to see whether or not he was up to the challenge.

He added: "What time does Bayswater rink shut tonight? I've never been on ice before. Need to try it out."

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