Perennial Art: A Drawback (3 stars)

Perennial Art: A Drawback

Exploring the art of drawing in a calm environment

This European collective is intent on raising the profile of the oft-overlooked art of drawing. Perennial Art’s second exhibition in the Scottish capital draws on influences ranging from the darkly surreal to 20th century board games, and their space at the Art’s Complex offers a calm blank canvas for these delicate and often intricate works, allowing them to be viewed without distraction.

Despite the careful use of the space, there is the sense of a lack of representation of some of the exhibitors – for example Michael Kirkham’s ‘Mr ectoplasm descends the staircase’ is a tantalising, yet frustrating glimpse into this artist’s world. Luckily, there is a wealth of material from the innovative Sara Bomans who has created a number of otherworldly characters based on her younger brother’s inventions using stitched human hair to create the drawn line. The discarded body matter provokes a mix of curiosity and revulsion. Other works of note come from Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden’s dark storytelling in ‘3 appearances’, and two new offerings from Edinburgh resident Fiona Michie.

It could be that the sparseness of the show is a deliberate attempt to leave the public wanting more, rather than an over-saturation of the space, though there is a great deal to see and appreciate. Perennial Art’s diverse grouping may not always feel cohesive, but the level of skill and inventiveness of the contributors is clear and present.

Art’s Complex, 0777 080 0482, until 5 Sep (not Mon/Tue), free.

Perennial Art - A Drawback

  • 3 stars

A Drawback is the second drawing exhibition in Edinburgh by Perennial Art. Due to the general lack of contemporary drawing exhibitions in the city, Perennial saw this as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and richness of this ancient practice. The work on display is from a selection of international contemporary…


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