John James' money pledge

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  • 17 August 2010
John James

John James

John James has revealed he is prepared to give all of the £100,000 to flirty friend Josie if he is crowned winner of `Big Brother' on August 24

John James will give all of the £100,000 prize money to Josie if he wins 'Big Brother'.

The Australian hunk - who has been growing increasingly close to the Bristol-born blonde throughout his time on the show - thinks he is unlikely to scoop the top spot on August 24, but he would be prepared to donate his winnings to Josie if he did.

He told his fellow housemates: "I would have given mine to Josie. Originally I was going to give it to charity but as time went on I decided to do that."

John James, 24, revealed he had always intended to give the money away if he were to win the competition, and said he had also considered splitting the cash between all of the 'Big Brother' housemates.

Meanwhile, the former body builder won the Rate My Mates task, which required him putting his fellow contestants in the correct order in various categories.

Each housemate had to compile a personal list of ratings in the Diary Room and the group were then given five minutes to guess the average rating everyone received in each category.

Sam was crowned the most attention-seeking, as well as bitchiest, most devious, arrogant and fakest housemate, while Josie received most entertaining and trustworthy, as well as least bitchy, fake, forgettable and arrogant.

Josie said: "Do you think that's why me and Sam don't get on? We're at two different ends of the spectrum."

After winning the task by completing it in just over two minutes, John James won a prize which allowed him to send some of his clothes to be dry cleaned.

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