Hot Club de Paris - album review (4 stars)

Hot Club de Paris

Drop Till It Pops (Moshi Moshi)


Modern music’s barmy army has some new recruits. Along with the Mystery Jets and Young Knives, this Liverpool-based trio are the latest act to flaunt their eccentricities with a frenetic debut made up of bizarre song titles, off-kilter arrangements and strange subject matter. The most complex of the lot, in their use of fiddly guitar lines, bitty start-stop rhythms and hilariously below par beat-boxing, Hot Club De Paris at times run the risk of over-thinking their snappy creations. However, their tight grip on killer melodies and cheeky humour keep this utterly vital and inventive record from ever drifting into overly-cerebral territory. Just don’t go calling it odd-core . . .

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