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Sky Ferreira, Biffy Clyro, DELS and more

Is there just no stopping Robyn? What with her three albums in a year and her electro-pop victories, and her masquerade as an inferior fembot going by the name of Sky Ferreira, and – sorry, what’s that you say? Ferreira is in fact a Portuguese-American star and her hit-seeking synth-bop missile ‘One’ (Parlophone) ●●● is not a Swedish postmodern pop ruse? Dear God.

Speaking of our Lord Almighty, rock disciples Biffy Clyro reach out to Him on ‘God and Satan’ (14th Floor) ●●●●: a theological tug-of-love ballad with Sunday school strumming and searching maracas. It is glorious, of course, but they might want to swerve Ipswich rapper DELS, who posits becoming the anti-christ on his debut single, ‘Shapeshift’ (Big Dada) ●●●. DELS is a brooding, graphic MC – dropping in ‘I morphed into a car’ here and ‘I’m your quarterpounder-cheese’ there – with psychedelic beats to match.

Edinburgh’s Mayhew are more ‘away and shite’ (at least we hope that’s what they sing, in brilliantly posh and dulcet intones) on their dreamy, folk-embellished ‘Tinderbox EP’ (self-release) ●●●, but this issue’s top folk-tinged pick comes from gilded harmonists Aberfeldy: ‘Malcolm’ (Tenement) ●●●● is a master-class in gentle, uplifting skiffle-pop.

In spite of these divine emissions, two records offer stand-out life-affirming properties: the scorching electro-pulse of Caribou’s ‘Sun’ (City Slang) ●●●● is a cardinal affair indeed, but it’s narrowly pipped to SOTW by Icelandic indie-pop saviours Hjaltalin, whose ‘Sweet Impressions’ (Cargo) ●●●● – sounds like angels and orchestras and Chris Rea. Earth calling Biffy: heaven’s right here.

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