Aberfeldy - Somewhere To Jump From (3 stars)

Aberfeldy - Somewhere To Jump From

New album from Edinburgh's favourite MOR-pop sons

(Tenement Records)

At last, at long last, the ’Feldy are back. Edinburgh’s favourite MOR-pop sons (and daughters, although the band’s female membership has been changeable of late) have returned with their third album since 2006’s Do Whatever Turns You On.

It’s been long-awaited by a coterie of the city’s music fans, although probably longer by the band, who have doubtless been saving up to record and release it since their Rough Trade deal ended.

Among many effortlessly lovely highs (singer-songwriter Riley Briggs should earn millions composing for teen country stars in LA) are the sad ballad ‘In Denial’, the unexpected synth-pop of ‘Lisa-Marie’ and the bearer of the album’s stand-out chorus ‘Claire’, although ‘Talk Me Round’ typifies the fact that the production is occasionally not quite as sublime as earlier efforts.

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