Four housemates to go this week

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  • 15 August 2010

Josie, who will not face eviction

Channel 4 has confirmed four housemates will be evicted from 'Big Brother' this week but refused to give more details

Four housemates will be evicted from 'Big Brother' this week.

Channel 4 have confirmed that by the end of next Friday's (13.08.10) eviction, the number of housemates will almost have halved but didn't say whether the evictions would be staggered throughout the week or all take place on Friday.

The news comes after the housemates were speculating on when the next eviction would take place because there are currently too many people in the house.

Only Josie is immune from the evictions after she was given a pass to the August 24 final by her fellow housemates.

As eviction looms, the housemates have been discussing how many boos they will receive when they leave after hearing the reception other people have got.

John James believes Govan has faced the most hostile crowd so far, saying: "Govan is holding the number one, he got the most. The doors weren't even open yet and they were shouting."

Dave agreed, adding: "Ben got booed to death, but I don't think it's possible to beat what Govan had. Jo was pretty tied with Rachel, I'd say, and I think Shabby had the most that were heard over the wall."

John James thinks he or Sam will get the most boos when they leave.

He said: "It's either gonna be me or Sammy. But just because you get the most boos doesn't mean you're the least liked."

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