Alex Reid says no to surrogacy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 August 2010
Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Alex Reid insists he would never let wife Katie Price become a surrogate mother for close friends Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner

Alex Reid won't allow his wife Katie Price to become a surrogate mother.

The cage fighter isn't happy that his spouse - who has three children from previous relationships - recently admitted she would happily carry a child for gay pals Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner.

Alex said: "We're going to have words, I think. That isn't happening, not while I'm around. That was said when I wasn't around, fair enough, then I come round, but that isn't happening now."

However, he admitted he does allow himself to be "henpecked" by his wife, but explained he can put his foot down when he wants to.

He added: "What man isn't henpecked? But I allow myself to be henpecked and the second I don't want to be henpecked, she knows! When the foot is down, the foot is down!"

It was only last month that Katie, 32, revealed she would be happy to give a child to best friend Gary and his partner Phil if they want to become parents in the future.

She said: "I would definitely be a surrogate mum for Gary and Phil if they want to have children. They're a big part of my life and I'd love to help them out in that way. But I do want to have children with Alex before I do that."

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