Sam makes up with John James

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 August 2010


'Big Brother' contestants John James and Sam have made up following their argument over accusations of ''b***hing''

'Big Brother' contestants John James and Sam have cleared the air following their argument.

After avoiding each other for a while following the row - when Sam confronted his housemate after he overheard the Australian call him "fake as f**k" - John James tried to apologise but the graffiti artist was still upset.

He said: "I thought I was closest to you in the house out of everyone. You say I'm a good person then you say in the shower that I'm only friends with Josie 'cos I'm up for eviction - and you said that you believed I was only having banter with Josie.

"Now to be honest I don't want to be friends with you 'cos for you to change quickly 'cos of that little thing..."

However John James insisted his apology was heartfelt, but could understand if the 21 year old couldn't get over their row.

He said: "I apologise, man, and if you don't want to be alright anymore, I completely understand."

Sam eventually forgave him, declaring that he did not want any awkwardness in the house between the pair.

Earlier Sam tried to confide in Dave about his feelings but got little sympathy.

The minister explained that he wasn't impressed with the artist's behaviour - implying that he comforted former foe Josie when she was upset to try and save himself from eviction - saying he had "done a massive U-turn."

He said "You came in giving it large. I just think you're getting this when you're in here 'cos you go and go and go and you're quite annoying and if you give it you've got to be able to take it. In the eyes of the people in the house you've done a massive U-turn."

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