Housemates to predict BB winner

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  • 13 August 2010

Eye Spy winner Sam

The 'Big Brother' housemates are to be given one minute to decide who should receive a free pass to the final

One 'Big Brother' housemate will receive a pass to the show's final tonight (13.08.10).

The contestants will be given one minute to decide who they want to win the show, with the person chosen by the group automatically immune from next week's nominations.

The surprise is being sprung on the housemates because they are unaware the series ends on August 24 - not the scheduled date of September 11, as the 'Big Brother: Ultimate Champion' series kicks off immediately after the current programme ends.

'Big Brother: Ultimate Champion' will run for 17 days and features contestants from previous series, as well as the newly-crowned 'Big Brother 11' winner.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "It will be interesting to see if the housemates' choice of winner matches that of the public."

Meanwhile, Andrew and Sam had to choose between their housemates after winning an 'Eye Spy' task.

The housemates were individually called to the Diary Room and had to guess what Big Brother was thinking of, while dealing with a number of surprises - including being showered with bras and a man dressed in a gorilla suit jumping out - as quickly as possible.

Guessing 'Chair' and 'Sam' in one second each, Andrew and Sam were crowned winners and given four golden tickets to give to other members of the group to join them for a party.

The pair opted for JJ, Jo and Dave - who along with the graffiti artist face eviction tonight - because one of them could be spending their last night in the house, as well as Mario because "he hadn't been to a party for a while".

The successful six were treated to pizza, alcohol and dancing while the rest of the group retreated to bed.

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