Andy Devine still stunned by exit

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  • 13 August 2010
Andy Devine

Andy Devine

'Emmerdale's Andy Devine who played Shadrach Dingle for 12 years says leaving the ITV soap was like leaving prison

Andy Devine says leaving 'Emmerdale' was like leaving prison.

The actor - who played rude and lazy Shadrach Dingle in the ITV soap from 1998 until his character was killed off last month -said his departure has not sunk in yet.

He said: "I suppose it's a bit like coming out of prison, it takes a couple of weeks for the bubble to burst. Even if you kill your wife, you only get ten years' parole."

However 67-year-old actor revealed that he was happy with how his character left the show - by drowning in the river - even though it was unpleasant to film.

He told the Manchester Evening News newspaper: "I had to go in the river, it was minging of rat pee, and they wanted me to go under for ten seconds. But then they wanted to do it again, so they dried me off just to throw me back in again.

"But I did like my ending, because it was underplayed. Usually they just blow you up or something."

And he is happy that there is no chance of an 'Emmerdale' return as it means he doesn't have any easy options for the future.

He said: "I'm glad I was killed off, because otherwise I might have one of those days where I'd call my agent saying 'get me back on it'. Now, it's very much curtain down on that."

Andy isn't worried about being out of work, saying he has been "thrifty" with his earnings.

He explained: "I thought if I'm not careful I'm going to be like the others who die on the show. I haven't been silly with my money. I've been thrifty, I suppose I thought I'll put this away for old age, then I realised hang on, this is my old age!"

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