John James and Sam row

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  • 13 August 2010
John James

John James rowed with Sam

Sam has accused John James of ''b***hing'' about him behind his back after overhearing a conversation in the bathroom

John James and Sam have had a fight in the 'Big Brother' house following accusations of "b***hing".

Sam confronted his housemate after he overhead a conversation the Australian was having with JJ and Dave in which they accused him of playing a game.

Sam said: "John James, do you want to stop b***hing behind my back? I thought you were my friend and you've just b***hed about me for 20 minutes."

An angry John James responded: "You get involved in a situation that has nothing to do with you. If you had f***ing waited until after I got out of the shower I was about to speak to you one-on-one."

Earlier, Sam - the latest contestant to enter the 'Big Brother' house - had heard JJ say: "Where there's a line, he'll cross it."

Josie later confided she felt guilty for encouraging the both of them to hide behind the sofa and listen to their conversation.

She told a visibly upset Sam: "I didn't know you would get upset like this. I feel a bit responsible."

John James continued to be angry about the altercation, saying "I believe he's fake as f**k. Don't change because you're up for eviction, I hate people like that."

Meanwhile, Josie and John James have discussed their affection for each other, confessing they may be annoying fellow housemates.

Josie said: "All we do is cuddle each other. We're probably getting on everyone's nerves.

He responded: "Do you reckon it is? Have you sensed it? People have pops at the sleeping all day but I don't even care. Well to a certain point I do, but I don't see why what everyone else does is so special."

Josie added: "It's just that when we're together people notice it more. Mario sleeps as much as we do."

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