Ian Wright leaves Five

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  • 13 August 2010
Ian Wright praised by Emma Willis

Ian Wright

Former footballer Ian Wright has been sacked from the TV show 'Live From Studio Five' for refusing to promote 'Don't Stop Believing'

Ian Wright hasreportedly been sacked from the TV show 'Live From Studio Five' for refusing to promote other Five programmes.

The former footballer - who co-presented the show with Kate Walsh and Jayne Middlemiss -stormed off the set of the daily talk show after being told hours before the show was due to hair that his contract would not be renewed.

by show executives hours before he was due on air after he denied bosses requests to plug the channel's ailing talent show 'Don't Stop Believing'.

The source explained to the Daily Mail newspaper: "Ian is not a puppet. 'Don't Stop Believing' has lost nearly a million viewers and he was told to come on air and say how great the show was, but he refused."

Another insider claimed the 46-year-old host was also unhappy with changes planned to freshen the format of the show.

One source said: "The show is being downsized and works better with two hosts.

"Ian wasn't comfortable with that and the producers decided it was best for everyone not to have him on the show any longer."

'Live From Studio Five' has suffered a series of setbacks since it started, including the resignations of former co-host Melinda Messenger and her replacement Emma Willis.

Bosses have recently cut the running time in half to prevent clashes with BBC's 'The One Show' and to help boost the ratings

Though Ian was said to have been shocked by the move, friends of the star think it could be a blessing in disguise.

One pal said: "To be honest he doesn't need to do it, so it's probably best to be off what is now a steadily sinking ship."

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