Sam stages BB protest

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 August 2010


'Big Brother' housemate Sam staged a noisy protest and his tobacco to demonstrate against a prankster hiding his hats

Sam staged a noisy protest after discovering his hats had gone missing.

The irate graffiti artist vowed not to go to bed until his beloved headwear was returned and warned he would take away a "treasured possession" from each 'Big Brother' housemate.

The 21 year old then proceeded to grind a riding whip against a balloon until John James tackled him and popped the balloon, before heading to the kitchen and returning with a pan and spoon, banging them together and chanting "Where is my hat, hat" over and over again.

After 10 minutes, he then began shouting and growling into a bottle, before making a tearful unsuccessful attempt to get into the Diary Room.

Dave tried to reason with him, saying: "If I tell you where the hats are, do you promise you won't tell anyone where they are? I think we're all agreed that we're sick of Sam making a racket.

"If I was you I'd be looking under John James and JJ's bed."

However, Sam - fuelled by four strong coffees - later took his protest further, stealing the tobacco supply and hiding it behind the seats.

Corin was the first to notice, complaining: "Give it us, Sam. I've not touched none of your stuff so that's not fair to get mine."

She later added to Dave: "Fancy taking the tobacco. Take other people's things that are doing the joke on you, but don't mess with the whole house."

Later, Sam chopped a chilli and added it to the toothpaste, before smearing chopped garlic on John James.

However, he was called to the Diary Room and emerged a short while later looking unhappy.

He said: "Big Brother says I have to go to bed now."

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