Confusion is Sex

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  • 12 August 2010
Confusion is Sex

Things are always a bit strange at Confusion is Sex, and here they take a turn for the even weirder as CiS host a ‘Hentai Tokyo Party’ for a dose of cortex searing neo-gothic Japanalia as drag acts, Manga erotica, the Kamikaze Girls, burlesque and more perform for your viewing pleasure, while patrons are encouraged to join the cavalcade and dress appropriately. All soundtracked by electro, glam techno, surf, rockabilly, garage and punk across two rooms of the bizarre (also note only 350 tickets will be available).

Electric Circus, 226 4224, Fri 20 Aug, 11pm–5am, £8 (£6 in themed ‘dress up’).

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