JJ and John James triumph in task

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  • 11 August 2010


JJ and John James beat Andrew and Mario to be named Big Brother's Pantomime Horse of the Year 2010 and will now be given a ''special and unique'' chance to win £500 towards the shopping budget

JJ and John James have been named Big Brother's Pantomime Horse of the Year 2010.

The pair - as JJ Lightning - triumphed in the Pantomime Horse task after beating rivals Andrew and Mario, also known as Kolsek the Butcher, in a showjumping competition.

What was described as "the ultimate test of horse speed and agility" saw the two teams have to take to the miniature course in the garden three times after their first two attempts resulted in a dead heat.

However, on the final attempt, a tired-looking Andrew stumbled and knocked a jump to the ground, incurring a two second penalty and ultimately costing them the contest.

John James and JJ will now receive an "extraordinarily special and unique opportunity" to win a £500 shopping budget later in the week.

Earlier, Mario and John James has plotted for Kolsek the Butcher to throw the race and hand potential evictee JJ the victory.

However, Andrew didn't seem as willing to throw the competition, brushing off Mario's suggestion that they perform a "comical" second attempt.

He objected: "But that way they'll know that we're not trying our hardest."

However, the pair eventually decided not to lose after being impressed by JJ and John James in their practise run.

Mario told John James: "I don't think we need to throw it in any way, I think you will do it."

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