BB horse task finalists revealed

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  • 11 August 2010
Andrew and MArio

BB horse task finalists Andrew and MArio

JJ and John James will face Mario and Andrew - in the guise of their pantomime horses 'JJ Lightning' and 'Kolsek the Butcher' - in the final round of this week's shopping task after triumphing in a bleep test and quiz

JJ and John James will face Mario and Andrew in the final of the Pantomime Horse task.

The two couples - in the guise of their animals 'JJ Lightning' and 'Kolsek the Butcher' - saw off competition from Corin and Sam's pink unicorn, 'Tony The Curvalicious And Most Bootylicious Horse In The Whole Of BB World Best Served With Horseradish Dot Com', in a 'Question of Horse' quiz, which saw the teams have to answer various questions pitted to them by trainer Dave, while Steve kept score.

Taking their defeat well, Corin said: "You done really well," before she and Sam were led of to 'Pastures New' to change into jockey outfits, which they must now wear for the rest of the task.

The finalists were then provided with energy bars, smoothies and other luxuries to consume ahead of the final round, which sees the victorious horse-mates given the chance to win £500 for the weekly shopping budget.

Earlier in the day, Josie and Jo were eliminated from the competition following a bleep test.

Their 'BB Bomber' horse managed to make it to the finishing line of the running task 31 times, narrowly beaten by Mario and Andrew, who clocked up 37 successful finishes, despite complaining they were hindered by a "slippery floor".

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