Dave cries over letter

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 August 2010


Dave cried after receiving a letter from his children thanks to his 'Big Brother' housemate Sam

Dave broke down in tears after receiving a letter from his children and friends.

The Christian minister was delighted when his housemates gathered round him as Sam - who had won the note in a Tree of Temptation task - read out the message while the group cooked dinner.

The graffiti artist said he had something to read, before producing the letter.

Sam read: "Big Dave says, 'Love you dude, really proud of you, hope I never have to see your butt cheeks again.' "

Dave then wept as Sam read out the messages from his children, saying: "Thank you for every ounce of input you have put into our lives.

"You always make a conscious effort to see things through the right way. We love you and support you all the way, no matter what you do."

Dave hugged Sam and thanked him for his efforts, before taking the letter to the bedroom to read it again.

Sam refused to tell the group what he had had to do to win the note, saying only: "One of our wooden friends put me up to it."

However, the 21-year-old Londoner had been tasked by the Tree of Temptation to smear cheese under his armpits and pass the stench off as his own odour.

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