Amba Hudson-Skye emotional over Model exit

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  • 10 August 2010
Amba Hudson-Skye

Amba Hudson-Skye

Amba Hudson-Skye admits she was ''gutted'' when she was eliminated from 'Britain's Next Top Model' and found it hard to hold back the tears because she thought her modelling dream was over

Amba Hudson-Skye found it hard to hold back the tears when she was eliminated from 'Britain's Next Top Model'.

The 20-year-old beauty was axed from the show - which is hosted by Elle Macpherson - last night (09.08.10) after being in the bottom two with fellow hopeful Nicola Wright and she admits she was "gutted" with the decision because it left her terrified her modelling career was over.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I was gutted to leave. I just stood there trying to hold myself together, I was just gutted. There's hardly any second chances in this industry so I thought it was all over for me and I just got really upset. It was really hard to leave the 'Britain's Next Top Model' bubble and go out into the real world."

Amba - who is still determined to make it as a model despite this setback - felt she had left the competition too early and was surprised she was axed because she had mainly had positive feedback from the judges.

She said: "I think I had a lot more to give and I had so much more to learn. And despite what the judges said, I was developing and I'd had good feedback on five and of my six photo shoots. So I was surprised to go. I don't think I should've gone that week, but these things happen."

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