Housemates given horse task

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  • 10 August 2010

Steve will be a trainer

'Big Brother' housemates have been ordered to pair off and become pantomime horses for the weekly shopping task, with Steve and Dave acting as horse trainers

'Big Brother' housemates must become 'horse-mates' this week.

The group were woken this morning to the song 'Crazy Horses' and instantly began speculating what their weekly shopping task would be, particularly after John James spotted a sign on the store room reading 'Pastures New'.

Mario told Josie: "I think we're all going to be farmers and you can be lead farmer 'cos obviously you come from a farm. Maybe we're animals today... I hope I'm not a dolphin."

However, the group were eventually called to the sofa and Sam read out instructions for the task.

He read: "For this week's shopping task housemates will become 'horse-mates' as they bid to become the Big Brother 11 pantomime horse of the year.

"Housemates will pair off and become pantomime horses, competing in a series of events. Two housemates will become trainers and be responsible for breaking the horse-mates in."

The instructions also revealed the winning pair would have the opportunity to win £500 towards next week's shopping budget.

On Big Brother's recommendation, Steve agreed to be one of the trainers, joined in the role by Dave.

Sam added: "Horse-mates must obey their trainers at all times."

The rest of the group quickly paired off, with Andrew and Mario changing into their brown horse outfit and calling themselves 'Korczak the Butcher', while black-clad Jo and Josie named their horse 'BB Bomber'.

Sam and Corin will compete as a pair, as will JJ and John James.

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