Kym Marsh's co-star shock

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  • 10 August 2010
Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh hasadmitted she was shocked to learn her 'Coronation Street' co-star Vicky Entwhistle was quitting the soap, despite not having seen her on set for several weeks

Kym Marsh "didn't know" Vicky Entwhistle had quit 'Coronation Street'.

The brunette beauty - who plays barmaid Michelle Connor in the ITV soap - had noticed her co-star hadn't been around for a few weeks, but was stunned when she broke the news that she was leaving her role as loudmouth Janice Battersby.

She said: "I hadn't seen Vicky Entwistle, who plays Janice Battersby, on set for a while and was shocked to learn she's quit the show. I don't know if she's coming back and nor do my spies in the green room!"

Kym is also upset about the impending departure of Ben Thompson, who plays her on-screen son Ryan, but she is glad he will make occasional reappearances in Weatherfield.

She added: "My character Michelle's son Ryan is off to university, so Ben Thompson who plays him won't be around as much. Although he'll be popping back from time to time, it's killing me as we're very close."

Later this year, the show is set to be rocked by a huge tram crash, with speculation mounting about who will be killed off.

Kym has heard rumours she will be spared from the storyline because she is "glamorous" and is hoping the reports are true.

She added in her column for New! magazine: "Apparently a 'Corrie insider' has said that both Michelle Keegan's character Tina McIntyre and mine will be spared in the tram crash, because our producer Phil Collinson sees us as "the glamour" of the show! If it's true, that's great - and very flattering! I don't see myself as glamorous, but Michelle Keegan certainly is.

"We're all still very much in the dark about that storyline and probably will be for a long time to come - but we're all hoping we're not the ones who perish in the crash."

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