Sam faces eviction

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  • 10 August 2010


Mario chose Sam to take his place in this week's public vote after once again winning the Save and Replace task, with Dave furious he couldn't compete in the challenge as a punishment for discussing nominations

Sam now faces eviction from the 'Big Brother' house.

The graffiti artist was chosen by Mario to take his place in the public vote after he triumphed in the 'Animal Quackers' Save and Replace task, correctly remembering an astonishing sequence of 22 animal noises, comfortably beating fellow nominees JJ and Jo(, who remembered just six and 11 sounds respectively.

Dave had been banned from competing in the task as a punishment for discussing nominations.

Making his decision, Mario - who opted for Dave to replace him last week after tossing a coin - explained to Sam: "Last week I tried to make a system and it backfired on me because one of my closest friends ended up on the board. So this week I went for the person that I had the least connection with. I really do like you, it's just that I'm closer to other people."

However Sam seemed unconvinced, saying: "But last week you said that you didn't want to swap newbies so they could have another week, and then another week goes by and I'm in the exact same situation."

Mario replied: "That system that I used last week of not putting newbies up caused a big crack in my relationship with Dave."

The 21 year old reassured his housemate the decision was "cool" and they ended their chat with a hug.

Meanwhile, Dave - who now faces eviction for the third week in a row - was incensed after Big Brother told him he could not take part in the Save and Replace task, particularly as Sam was also punished for discussing nominations, but only told he cannot nominate next week.

The minister ranted: "Sam did was just as bad as what I did, and my punishment is far worse.

"Three times now, three times it's happened. Caoimhe! Caoimhe was stood there, going 'Nominate me! Nominate me!' and she got nothing. I got put up for eviction twice!

"They're persecuting me. Don't try and make out that I'm paranoid, they're bloody persecuting me. I've got incidents, I've got facts.

"They said, 'Big Brother has told you you're a valued housemate.' I said, 'I know I'm a valued housemate, but not by you.'"

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