Josie's nominations guilt

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 August 2010


'Big Brother' housemates Josie and Corin admit they regret the nomination choices they made during the face-to-face round of voting

Josie feels guilty about her nomination choices.

The sales rep opted to vote for Andrew and JJ during the face-to-face 'Nasty Nominations' because no one else had chosen them, saying she wanted to "even things out", but both Mario and Steve went on to pick the boxer, meaning he faces the public vote this week.

Despite both JJ and Andrew reassuring her they had no hard feelings towards her decision, the pretty Bristolian later admitted she regretted her actions.

She told John James: "I wish I could just rewind today. If I could do it all again I would."

The Australian replied: "It's horrible. Nothing you do or nothing you say will take the guilt away from yourself."

Corin also regretted her nominations, after being confronted by Jo over why she had been chosen.

The Katie Price lookalike told the make-up artist she had struggled to make a decision but eventually went for Jo as she had previously said she wanted to go home.

Jo replied: "Even though you're saying it's because I want to go home, for me, I look at who I get on with. "

Corin asked her not to take it personally, to which Jo reassured her she wouldn't - but admitted it would affect their relationship.

She added: "Of course, but I'm not going to be fake babe, it makes me see you a bit different.

"You don't have to keep on apologising, I'm not annoyed, more surprised."

Jo also admitted she only nominated Corin because of the former sales assistant's actions.

Corin later admitted to Josie that she felt guilty for voting for Jo.

She said: "She did say, 'You know I thought we had a connection and stuff like that'. I felt terrible doing it."

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