Y'all is Fantasy Island (3 stars)

This Is Music@Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Wed 27 Sep


Falkirk can’t be the cheeriest of places. Arab Strap have forged a ten-year career from gloomy tales of Stirlingshire life. Fellow residents Y’All is Fantasy Island are following a similar course, knocking out tunes with titles as sunny in disposition as ‘We Are All Doomed’.

Revelling in their geographical disenchantment, something defiantly fickle and rare has been formulated. Liable to appear in a number of different guises to suit their mood, it’s anyone’s guess what a Y’All Is … live show is likely to comprise. On this occasion it was full force post-rock thrash, punctuated with moments of intuitive guitar smithery that would make even J Mascis crack a grin.

‘With Handclaps’ merits special mention - all gritty riffs and growling vocals. As does the spectacular guitar chucking finale that resulted in a full pint bursting all over the stage. The future doesn’t look so bad after all lads. And there’s always The Wheel.

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