JJ and Andrew's task victory

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  • 9 August 2010


JJ, Andrew, Corin, Josie and Sam were treated to wine and a platter from Nando's as a reward for the boxer and the student completing a secret task

JJ and Andrew won an intimate dinner for five after completing a secret task.

The boxer had been instructed by Big Brother to become a "personal space invader" and initiate physical contact with his housemates, with Andrew watching and making observations from the diary room.

After maintaining contact for over three minutes with Josie, Corin and Sam, the trio were also allowed to the garden to share a Nando's platter with the triumphant duo - but had to remain touching at least one person throughout the meal.

Andrew made a toast, saying: "I've really enjoyed my time in this house, and that's mainly due to the housemates. Each one of you I've connected with, so cheers to the Big Brother house."

JJ added: "This is the best food they could have got."

JJ had used a variety of methods to instigate contact with his housemates as part of the task, suggesting to Corin and Dave they had a contest which involved holding their legs in the air with their feet touching, hugging Jo for 57 seconds after realising she was upset, wrestling with John James, asking Mario for a massage and challenging Steve to an arm wrestle.

Andrew commended his taskmate's technique with Josie, suggesting they should "make John James jealous" by hugging until he noticed.

When Josie queried his motives, suspecting he had made a bet with the Australian, JJ told her: "No, I've just got a vendetta against him today. I want to be JJ number one."

However, with the sales rep rebuffing his attempts to hug her, JJ settled for stroking her knee.

Andrew commented from the task room: "Really good technique, suggesting to Josie that they make John James jealous by engaging in physical contact. This, of course, is a space invasion, he kept it there - excellent, excellent."

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