Belt Up’s Quasimodo (3 stars)

Belt Up’s Quasimodo

Four performers deliver varying performance of storytelling and acting

Masked underworld creatures lead you into a crumbling, labyrinthine corner of C soco, bidding you ‘follow the smell’. The four performers take turns at storytelling and acting – a couple of the cast are less convincing, but Lord Justice Frollo is brilliantly menacing, startling the audience with asides whispered in their ears and making them fully a part of this triumph of atmosphere.

C soco, 0845 260 1234, alternate days until 30 Aug, 11pm, £8.50–£10.50 (£7.50–£9.50).

Belt Up's 'Quasimodo'

  • 3 stars

Claustrophobically intimate new adaptation of Hugo's classic story from the company the List promises are capable of making 'the impossible possible.' A truly horrifying and emotionally devastating tale performed by ThreeWeeks Editor's Choice award winners 2008. This show takes place as part of Belt Up's ambitious…

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