Lindsay Lohan 'fell apart' after parents' divorce

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 August 2010
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael thinks the actress' personal problems stem from his split from her mother Dina in 2005

Lindsay Lohan's father blames his marriage split for her personal problems.

The troubled actress - who is currently receiving rehabilitation treatment at the UCLA Medical Center as part of her sentence for breaching the terms of her probation set for a 007 driving under the influence conviction - "fell apart" after witnessing the collapse of Michael and Dina Lohan's relationship and no longer knew who to trust.

Michael - who has four children with Dina - said: "When her mother, Dina, and I broke up in 2005 it all fell apart for Lindsay.

"Lindsay was in so much pain. She was subjected to making decisions over who she should trust - her mum or her dad. It tore Lindsay up inside. When she had her family together, she had it all together. When she didn't have her family, it all fell apart."

Michael also blames Dina for pushing the 'Mean Girls' star into the Los Angeles party scene and encouraging her out-of-control behaviour.

He told Fabulous magazine: "Dina was living vicariously through Lindsay. Lindsay ended up around all the wrong people and they were there for all the wrong reasons. It was like she didn't know who to trust any more."

However, Michael - who has repeatedly insisted Lindsay is addicted to prescription drugs - is hopeful that her stint in rehab will finally get the 24-year-old star's life back on track.

He added: "Things are getting better. They are turning around right now. She has made a lot of progress.

"All I care about is Lindsay having her life back. It's what any child of divorce needs. Lindsay needs to be off the drugs and to have both her parents there for her."

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