BB housemates enjoy art task

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  • 8 August 2010
Art task winner Mario

Art task winner Mario

Sam was asked to teach his 'Big Brother' housemates how to be graffiti artists as part for a task, with Mario eventually crowned the winner

'Big Brother' housemates became part of the Pepper Spray Gang yesterday (07.08.10).

Graffiti artist Sam was instructed to teach the rest of the group his skills and they were asked to spray caricatures of one another following the lead of the 21-year-old Londoner, who was asked to create his own portraits on the walls first.

John James and Josie paired off, as did Corin and Steve, JJ and Dave, and Andrew and Mario, while Jo remained alone and painted Sam, with all the group admitting they enjoyed the task - despite their dubious depictions.

Surveying his work, Dave said: "This has got to be the worst ever. This will go on 'BBLB' and people will be saying, 'Who the hell is this?' "

The Christian minister then asked Steve why he had given Corin a beard, to which the army veteran said: "It's not a beard, it's a gold necklace, see."

Dave quipped: "That ain't a necklace, she looks like a flaming yeti."

Moving on to JJ's picture of him, Dave laughed: "I look like the most evil monk of all time. I look like flaming Rasputin or something."

Sam was then asked to critique the pictures, giving everyone positive feedback but eventually declared Mario the winner.

Mario's picture of Andrew will now hang on the store room door until the end of the series.

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