Sam punished by Big Brother

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  • 8 August 2010


Sam was ordered to the Diary Room, where he was punished fo rover half an hour for talking about the outside world

Sam has been punished by Big Brother for talking about the outside world.

The graffiti artist was called to the Diary Room, where he spent more than half an hour before emerging smiling.

When queried on his absence by Dave and Andrew, he said: "All I can say is I've been punished for talking about the outside world."

However, the 21 year old seemed mystified as to why he had been punished - and admitted even Big Brother was unsure if he had actually done anything wrong.

He explained: "I don't think it's the outside world.

"Big Brother said that what I said was influenced by the outside world but they can't possibly tell that for sure."

Sam then referred to a comment he had made about predicting Rachel would be evicted.

Dave laughed, saying: "That's rubbish, dude. You said you've got knowledge! You said 'Pick any set of three people and I'll say who's going'!"

Sam replied: "I've got knowledge. I've got skills."

Andrew later asked Sam if he had been told to "stick peppercorns to a blackboard", to which the artist cryptically replied: "I've had a peppery day today."

Meanwhile Josie admitted she has begun to warm to Sam, despite their repeated clashes since he entered the house.

She told Andrew: "Today it felt so nice that he was nice to me.

"He just made a little comment like trying to call me fat again but I'm gonna get that on the outside world anyway. If I can't handle it off Sam Pepper, then who can I handle it off? But yeah he's been really nice to me.

"I didn't want John James to say anything but now I'm glad that he has. And like today in the task he made me feel really good about my picture and that."

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