Corin's JJ worries

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  • 6 August 2010
Big Brother housemate Corin


Busty sales rep Corin is concerned that JJ doesn't like her, even though the boxer happily shared her bed again last night (05.08.10)

Corin is worried that JJ doesn't like her - despite sharing her bed again last night (05.08.10).

The busty sales rep confessed to Bristolian Josie she believes the hunky professional boxer is not interested in her romantically, even though he happily joined her for another cuddle under the sheets yesterday.

She said: "We got on alright, we were chatting more. I ended up turning over, but he came over and cuddled me. I read into stuff that I shouldn't. He obviously doesn't like me. He had hold of my hand. Don't you think that's a bit much if you don't like someone?"

However, Josie tried to reassure Corin that her romance with Australian hunk John James started very similarly.

She explained: "That's what it was like with me and John James."

But Corin's evening cuddle took a wrong turn, when newcomer JJ confessed he was started to get annoyed with her touchy-feely behaviour.

She explained: "Then, he turns on to his back to go to sleep. The other day I was tickling his front, so I thought 'maybe he wants me to tickle his front'. I asked: "Am I annoying you, keeping you awake?'. And he said: 'Yeah a bit, I'm tired now.'

"Well, don't come here and cuddle me, then!"

Corin - who has a girlfriend outside the 'Big Brother' house - continued to worry about the awkward evening, but eventually Josie she was determined not to let it ruin her time in the compound.

She added: "I'm not gonna be embarrassed anymore. I just wanted a cuddle and a flirt, but it just didn't happen for me."

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