JJ and Josie's Tree task

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  • 5 August 2010
John James

John James walks in on task

JJ and Josie have been set a secret task in the 'Big Brother' house by the Tree of Temptation

JJ and Josie have been set a task by the Tree of Temptation.

The pair have been instructed to steal five different props from their fellow housemates by the evil Tree - who has given himself the name Fagin during their 'What The Dickens?' shopping task.

They need to successfully steal Scrooge's candle, David Copperfield's want, Oliver's pocket watch and Sykes' dog, before placing the objects in the Tree's hidden drawer unnoticed.

Initially JJ was meant to be taking part in the task on his own, but when pretty Bristolian Josie walked into the bathroom during the instructions, she was quickly told to take part too.

Although the pair seemingly completed the task, placing five items in the drawer within the two hours set time, it is unknown if they have officially passed or not.

At one point, when JJ was trying to give two of the props to the tree, his housemate John James walked into the room.

While the two men refused to say anything to each other, they both smiled and laughed at the confrontation.

Housemates started noticing their Dickensian items had gone missing, but were apparently reluctant to bring too much attention to it in case a secret task was in place.

Josie even tried to throw suspicion by suggesting their disappearance had something to do with John James.

She joked:"It's funny that John has been washing his clothes in the bathroom all day."

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