Labels of love: mini50 Records

Labels of love: mini50 Records

Edinburgh label run by members of The Kays Lavelle

Based in

Mammoeth, Conquering Animal Sound.

Euan McMeeken and Russell Kostulin, both members of Edinburgh group The Kays Lavelle.

Sounds like
‘What Russell does with (his solo project) Mammoeth is a bit more towards the pop side of things,’ says McMeeken, ‘whereas I lean towards experimental stuff, which is probably highlighted by the fact we’re releasing Conquering Animal Sound. We basically want to help artists that we really love, but I think there will be a split down the middle between both of our tastes.’

How did you start the label?
‘We met when Russell became a member of The Kays Lavelle, and when we got chatting we found out that we both really wanted to run a label. It made sense to do it together, really. Our first idea was to release Kays Lavelle, but the band eventually ended up going with a label in Glasgow instead. James from Conquering Animal Sound I know from a gig night I run called Trampoline (at Edinburgh College of Art’s Wee Red Bar), so when I gave him the opportunity to do something with mini50 he said yes.’

Do you aim to sign more bands?
‘Well, we’ve discussed a few people. At the moment the Mammoeth album Nascent is out, with reviews in places like Q, Uncut and The Sunday Times, and Conquering Animal Sound’s album will follow in November. I don’t think anyone else will be approached until that’s done, although there is someone else – who doesn’t want to be named right now – who might be doing a very low-key online release with us. No, he isn’t famous, but he does play in another local band.’

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