Inspector Tapehead - Duress Code (4 stars)

Inspector Tapehead - Duress Code

Cleverly made and head-scratchingly catchy debut

(Song, By Toad Records)
Inspector Tapehead are folkies; but not in the strictly traditional or rather cynical ‘I’m a Mumford, me’ sense. Yes, Duress Code boasts clattering rhythms, acoustic strumming and the raw delivery and lyrical romance you might expect from the genre, but then the Glasgow trio combine that with an array of skew-whiff electronics, frantic musical dismantlement mid-track and Chris Croasdale’s unique turn of phrase. ‘If I was a dog I would lay down by your side and I would howl atonal melodies,’ he sings on ‘I Am Your Pedigree’; just one of the many highlights from this cleverly made and head-scratchingly catchy first offering.

Inspector Tapehead and Yusuf Azak

  • 4 stars

Folk/blues guitar mixed with synths from IT, launching new album 'Duress Code.