John James and Rachel fail task

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  • 5 August 2010
John James

John James failed task with Rachel

'Big Brother' housemates John James and Rachel quit their endurance task after just three hours, arguing that it “wasn't worth” £50 towards the shopping budget

John James and Rachel failed their endurance task.

The pair – who were required to spend 24 hours in isolation in the task room as part of the 'What The Dickens?' task to earn an extra £50 shopping money – quit the endurance test after less than four hours after deciding they had failed when Dave was asked to go and wake them up.

Explaining their decision to quit, the Australian said: "If I could've moved around the room I could've done it but it's just having to sit in a chair all the time."

Rachel – who along with John James and Dave faces eviction from the 'Big Brother' house this week - later tried to justify their decision to sabotage the task, arguing the experience wasn't worth £50.

She told Jo and Steve: "Do you really want me to spend two days of my last week locked up in there?

"It's only £50, which we'd have spent on alcohol and not been given anyway, so we won't notice... and I'm going on Friday anyway. I did give it a good try! We were in there for three hours.”

The former 'Pop Idol' contestant also complained that the task was made harder by the person she had to share it with as she has never forged a friendship with the former bodybuilder.

She added: "They could have had either me or John James in there with anybody else but they were doing it to make sure we were p***ed off. I was genuinely upset."

John James later infuriated his housemates after starting a row with Dave over the way he had distributed the gruel they were given for dinner.

The Christian Minister explained many of the women had said they didn't want a large portion of the meal and he felt the men could “handle” it better, sending his blond housemate into outrage.

However, Dave tried to pacify him, saying: "You're in one of those moods where you've got nothing better to do than pick a fight. Cheer up! Get a life mate, just have a smile."

The men later apologised to one another.

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