Wise owl Phil Mitchell

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  • 5 August 2010
Phil Mitchell

EastEnders actor Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden believes his 'EastEnders' alter-ego Phil Mitchell will become a ''wiser and older owl'' when he battles problems with crack cocaine

Phil Mitchell's drug addiction will make him a "wiser and older owl".

Steve McFadden - who plays the troubled soap hardman in 'EastEnders' - admits he thinks his alter-ego will learn from his upcoming problems with crack cocaine.

He said: "I think he'll come out the other side of this a wiser and older owl. He'll be stronger and a more complete person."

The actor is unsure how Phil will cope being on his own, after he falls out with his mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) when she hands his daughter over to his ex-wife.

Steve explained: "He's a 49-year-old bloke living with his mum and he won't even be that person any more. We've had Phil and Grant, then Phil and Peggy. but now he'll be on his own."

Despite the gruelling storyline, Steve admits he is thrilled with how 2010 is panning out for him.

He added to Soaplife magazine: "Doing a storyline like this drains the life out of you. I can honestly say this has been my most challenging and exciting year in 'EastEnders'."

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