John James angry over task

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  • 4 August 2010
John James

John James

Australian hunk John James is angry that he's been locked in a room with Rachel as part of their shopping task this week

John James and Rachel are angry with this week's shopping task.

The Australian hunk and the former 'Pop Idol' contestant are currently locked in a room together as part of their 'What the Dickens?' weekly task, and are quickly growing tired of each other and their latest challenge.

The pair must spend 24 hours in a room which looks like the dining room from the novel 'Great Expectations', and must sleep in a chair and are not allowed any visitors.

As they discussed quitting, John James said: "When I sit upright for that long, my back will start to hurt after a while."

Pretty Rachel admitted she didn't want to give up on the task too easily, but confessed she thinks it will be impossible for them to remain in the room for the full time period.

She said: "I don't think there's any way I can stay in here for 24 hours."

John James continued to debate quitting and even asked Big Brother if his departure would mean Rachel would also fail.

When he was told this would be the case, the blonde housemate decided to stay to support his housemate.

While the pair are stuck in their room, their housemates Andrew, Josie, JJ, Jo and Sam have been set the 'Consider Yourself' challenge - where they must learn the song and dance routine from the famous song from 'Oliver' the musical.

Their routine will be filmed and aired on the internet. If it is watched by over 100,000 people, they will pass.

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