Dave faces eviction

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 August 2010


Dave now faces the public vote alongside fellow 'Big Brother' contestants John James and Rachel after being chosen by Mario when he won the Save and Replace task

Dave now faces eviction from the 'Big Brother' house after being chosen by Mario to take his place.

The Christian minister was left upset when his friend tossed a coloured button to select between him or Steve as to who would go up for the public vote after the former mole won the Save and Replace task - but refused to say which side of the counter referred to which housemate, leaving Dave to believe he was always the intended person.

Dave told him: "I would never put it down to random choice, I wouldn't want my mates to be shafted. "You're saying that I'm your friend but I was the one who was chosen to go, randomly or not!"

"The thing is, mole, you were asked about the button and you said you wouldn't tell."

Mario later admitted to Andrew and Rachel that he had asked Big Brother to reverse his decision.

He told them: "I asked them if they would just reverse the process and put me up for eviction instead.

"Saving myself isn't worth the pain it's caused... this gap between Dave and I now. I know he says that there are no hard feelings but there is... I really feel I've let him down. He is one of my good friends in here."

Mario had been given the chance to swap his place in the public voting after competing with fellow nominees John James and Rachel in the Bug Off task.

The trio were given Velcro suits and had to crawl along a giant bug paper that stretched along the garden, with the housemate doing it in the quickest time saved from eviction.

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