Trevor Dean blasts Carla's ghostly love

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 August 2010
Coronation Street actress Alison King

Alison King who plays Carla Connor

'Coronation Street' bin man Trevor Dean (Steve Jackson) tells Carla Connor (Alison King) that her romances are always doomed to fail because she still loves dead lover Liam Connor

Trevor Dean tells Carla Connor all her relationships are doomed because she is still infatuated by her dead lover.

'Coronation Street's hunky bin man - played by Steve Jackson - lashes out at his girlfriend when she dumps him after admitting both their relationship and his work as her assistant are not working out.

Carla - played by Alison King - tells him: "You're an embarrassment to me. It's just not working is it?

"We're not working, the job's not working, none of it is working."

Hurt Trevor then hits back, telling the brunette beauty he thinks she is still in love with her former lover Liam - the deceased brother of her late ex-husband Paul, who was murdered by Carla's fiance Tony Gordon.

He says: "Your trouble is you're still in love with a dead man. No one will ever measure up to precious Liam. Not me and certainly not the next mug who falls for you."

The factory boss then throws out Trevor.

She seethes: "Yes, you're right. So pack your things, get out now and never come back."

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