Andrew triumphs in secret task

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  • 4 August 2010


Andrew won alcohol for his 'Big Brother' housemates after successfully concealing a wine bottle from the group

Andrew won alcohol for the house after winning a secret task.

The geeky student pretended to have a stomach ache and retreated to the bathroom after being told by Big Brother to hide a wine bottle from his housemates and "guard it with his life".

However, unbeknownst to Andrew, Jo had also been given a secret task - Big Brother revealed there was a wine bottle hidden in the house and if she found it without help she would win alcohol for the house.

She told the group she felt "restless" and roamed through the house all evening, before she and Andrew were called to the Diary Room and the truth was revealed.

Jo laughed: "He done well. I had no clue. I was proper getting vexed. I need a stiff drink. I hate losing, I'm such a sore loser!"

The other housemates were impressed with Andrew's clever ruse.

Corin said: "Oh that is so good. I wouldn't have thought to do that. I would have hid it and just hoped no-one went near it."

Some of the group later decided to enjoy a pool party - only for it to be shut down byBig Brother because they were too noisy.

As they frolicked and splashed in the water, Steve warned: "We'll be locked indoors in a minute. Keep it down. It's like a f***ing five year old's party."

JJ then warned the group he had heard Corin being called to the Diary Room and urged them to keep the noise down - but Rachel continued to shriek.

Corin came outside to issue a warning, saying: "They said if there's any noise whatsoever, you'll be told to get out of the garden straight away. So there's no point me getting ready because you'll all be noisy and I won't get in,"

However, soon afterwards the housemates were ordered back inside and told the garden was out of bounds.

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