Delita Cole not bitter about BNTM

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  • 3 August 2010
Delita Cole

Delita Cole

Liverpudlian beauty Delita Cole admits she thinks several of the girls who have already been eliminated from the show are ''bitter'' about being kicked off

Delita Cole thinks the girls eliminated from 'Britain's Next Top Model' are "bitter".

The Liverpudlian beauty - who was kicked off the model search show last night (02.08.10) - admits a lot of her fellow hopefuls have had bad attitudes to the show and supermodel host Elle Macpherson once they left.

Discussing previous contestants' claims Elle doesn't give much feedback on their work, Delita said: "I think most of the girls who have been eliminated are feeling a bit bitter because they've gone.

"Elle was amazing. She was genuinely a nice woman. I think she was hands on."

However, the 19-year-old beauty - who was eliminated after landing in the bottom two against pretty Tiffany - does admit she thought the supermodel would have had a larger role in choosing who stayed and who went.

She told BANG Showbiz: "At elimination, what she says isn't the final say. I thought she'd have more input in the elimination, but it's based on them all. So it's not what Elle says goes, and I thought it would have been."

Despite getting her fair share of criticism throughout the show, Delita claims she knew she was going when she was told she was up against Tiffany.

She added: "When I stood there I thought I had an alright chance of staying, but when I found out I was in the bottom two with Tiffany I was like, no, I'm obviously going home. Tiffany is one of the best.

"I think there are a few girls who really, really want it. Tiffany hasn't got the best attitude, but I think it's because of her hair. She really does hate it, but she still takes a good picture."

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