Josie and John James punished

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 August 2010


Josie and John James were banned from a sharing a bed and being in the same room by Big Brother after being accused of deliberately obstructing their microphones

John James and Josie were banned from being in the same room by Big Brother.

The pair were punished for repeated rule breaking after being told they had been blocking their microphones during conversations under the duvet - an accusation the couple denied - and were told they could only be in the same place at bedtime, but were no longer permitted to share a bed.

If they broke the terms of their punishment, the rest of the house would be punished.

For the rest of the day, the pair chatted through glass doors and had to arrange to eat their meals in separate rooms, while the rest of the group split their time between them.

Andrew said: "It's like there has been a divorce and we have to choose teams. I don't know weather to choose mummy or daddy."

The couple later found a way to dodge their punishment as they used their duvets and pillows to make a cosy spot to cuddle on the bedroom floor after being told they could share a room again, but not a bed.

However, they later separated to their beds as they couldn't sleep on the floor.

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