Josie BB 'bitter' at Sam

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 August 2010


Josie has admitted that she still feels bitter towards Sam and worries about the effect he is having on hers and John James' relationship since he entered the 'Big Brother' house

Josie still feels "bitter" towards Sam despite his peace offering after their argument in the 'Big Brother' house.

The newcomer upset the Bristolian by claiming that she would sell the story of hers and John James' budding relationship to a newspaper when she leaves the house.

Speaking about her relationship with the hunky former bodybuilder he said: "You could make yourselves a nice little cash earner when you get out of here.

"Oh yeah, it's all about the love, isn't it?"

Despite graffiti artist Sam's peace offering of pancakes in bed the next day to apologise, the pretty sales rep told him she couldn't forgive him for his remarks.

She said: "I was fine before you came along. I think I'm bitter towards you now."

Josie later admitted to hunky John James that she was worried about the effect the graffiti artist's entrance was having on their relationship.

She confessed: "Sam's come in here and put insecurities in our relationship. That's why I don't like him."

The hostilities have been evident for some times, as the pair played practical jokes on each other.

Sam was not impressed when Josie coated his toothbrush with anti-nail biting cream.

He demanded: "Was that a funky tasting toothpaste or did you just terrorise my toothbrush?

"That wasn't on, Josie."

Sam then followed up Josie's prank with one of his own as hid chopped garlic in her pillowcase.

However John James noticed the prank and pointed it out to Josie who swapped the pillow with one of Sam's own.

The pair haven't got along from day one, after Sam nicknamed her 'Miss Piggy' during the audition stages of the show.

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