Andrew takes Corin to Love Nest

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 August 2010


'Big Brother' contestants Andrew and Corin enjoyed a romantic date in the compound last night (02.08.10), after the geeky maths genius won the 'Parklife' task

Andrew and Corin went on a romantic date in 'Big Brother' last night (02.08.10).

The geeky maths genius and the busty Katie Price lookalike spent the evening in the Nest, enjoying an Arabia-themed dinner date whilst sipping champagne and being fanned by house newcomer Sam.

After Andrew won the 'Parklife' task yesterday, he chose Corin as his date for the evening in the 'Love Nest'.

The 19-year-old student spent the night desperately trying to charm over Corin, paying her plenty of compliments and flirting throughout.

He said: "Don't be scared. Do you know what I thought when I was a little bit scared? The best thing about this date is that I know you're going to be coming back to my bedroom tonight!"

Corin laughed: "Andrew! Oh my God, how funny!"

Sam spent the evening silently fanning the unlikely couple, and smothered laughter at several points.

However, he had the last laugh on the pair as he destroyed their meal when Corin slipped outside for a post-dinner cigarette.

Sam ran about the Nest, eating their food remainders and pouring water in their champagne.

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