Steve cries for kids in BB

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  • 1 August 2010
Big Brother 11 housemate Steve Gill


'Big Brother' housemate Steve broke down in tears as he was shown a video of his two young children wishing him luck in the competition, as a reward for winning their 'Ignore the Obvious' task

Steve broke down in tears as he received his video message from his family last night (21.07.10).

The former serviceman started crying as soon as the clip of his youngest son and daughter was shown to the house as a prize from Big Brother for winning their 'Ignore the Obvious' shopping task.

The group gave him a round of applause as the video ended, with housemates commenting on how adorable his young kids were.

Corin said: "Your kids are gorgeous!"

Each member of the group received a short video of support from their loved-ones after managing to get only 86 fails in the challenge - when the maximum they could receive was 88.

Christian minister David was disappointed that his children hadn't appeared in his video, but the housemates reassured him it was probably because they were so young.

Josie laughed throughout her clip, while Andrew accused his father of putting on a "much deeper voice" than usual during his. Corin heard a recording of her mum, but for some unknown reason, there was only a picture of her shown during this and not a video.

The rest of the group smiled as they received their words of comfort and encouragement from their pals, with JJ gasping in shock as he realised his brother was wearing his hat.

Even house newcomer Sam received a message, despite only entering the house 24 hours earlier.

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