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  • 31 July 2010


New housemate Sam Pepper has been introduced to the house - but was ignored by the group as he was part of their Ignore The Obvious task

A new housemate was introduced to 'Big Brother' last night (30.07.10) - but was ignored by the other contestants.

Grafitti artist Sam Pepper - who appeared on launch night and was one of six people whose audition tape was shown to the house last week in a bid to join the show - walked into the compound wearing a hat with a flashing arrow saying 'new housemate' and a t-shirt bearing the slogan 'Ignore me'.

However, as he awkwardly perched on the sofa, the group remained seated in silence, realising his entrance was connected to this week's 'Ignore The Obvious' task.

Sam - who had been shown clips of the housemates criticising him before entering the house - was then called to the Diary Room and questioned on his first impressions, unaware the discussion was being watched by the rest of the group on the plasma screen.

Sam said: ""I know a few people have been b****ing about me, Josie being one of them. They didn't look too happy to see me to be honest."

Josie told the watching group her hostility was due to the artist branding her 'Miss Piggy' during auditions, while Rachel appeared sympathetic to his ordeal.

Host Davina McCall then revealed outside the house that the broadcasting of the Diary Room session had also been part of their current task.

She added: "They are clearly all pants at this task because they were all watching."

Earlier in the evening, the housemates had struggled to ignore Davina when she presented part of the live show from inside the house.

Reading out the voting lines for the four nominated housemates, she moved to each of them in turn, sitting on Andrew's lap and kissing him, rubbing her hands over Ben's face and hair, touching Dave's belly and licking John James, before swiftly leaving the house.

At the end of the evening - following a chaotic performance by Jedward of their new single 'All The Small Things' - the group were told they had passed the task, despite incurring 86 fails - two fewer than the maximum they were allowed.

The housemates will now receive a luxury shopping budget and messages from home.

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