Sarah Parish adores 'shiny' Mistresses

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  • 30 July 2010
Sarah Parish

Sarah Parish

British actress Sarah Parish admits she agreed to work on 'Mistresses' because she felt the characters all had ''shiny'' lives

Sarah Parish signed up to 'Mistresses' because she felt it had a "shine" to it.

The British actress - who plays sexy GP Katie Roden in the show - admits she was automatically drawn to the BBC One series because each of the lead characters are easy for viewers to relate to.

She told Radio Times magazine: "'Mistresses' has got a shine to it, representing four - not fantasy lives, exactly - but quite affluent, shiny lives. It doesn't aspire to gritty realism. It's a programme that you can escape into. But I think it does have something to say. Any drama that's written around relationships has always something to say. You can always find something in a character that relates to you."

For this reason, Sarah admits she feels lucky to have landed such a "strong" female role - because she believes they are becoming a rarity.

She added: "You're always looking for great pieces written for women and this had four very strong female parts. I thought they were all great characters, all very well written. And it's always nice to be there in a female-led piece. They are rare."

The third and final series of 'Mistresses' airs on Thursday August 5 on BBC One.

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