Arcade Fire releases their all-important third album (4 stars)

The Suburbs is a rewarding and solid LP.

Arcade Fire releases their all-important third album

History dictates that many rock greats affirm their credentials upon their third album: Radiohead’s OK Computer, U2’s War and Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run all follow this pattern, and Montreal’s six-strong Arcade Fire aren’t so far from these ranks with The Suburbs.

A more consistent indie-rock reckoning than their striking debut (2004’s Funeral) or its lesser follow-up (2007’s Neon Bible – ‘No Cars Go’ excepted), The Suburbs extends frontman Win Butler’s surveillance of genetic bonds and apocalyptic disquiet, via philharmonic rock, hand-clap anthems, rhythmic pop and colossal song-craft. This is a long-player in the classic tradition: complex, absorbing and increasingly rewarding.

Arcade Fire

Following the release of their new album Reflektor, the headily-acclaimed Canadian ensemble embark on a worldwide tour.


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