John James and Josie cause BB bother

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  • 29 July 2010

Josie and John James cause BB bother

'Big Brother's John James and Josie have been reprimanded for intentionally leaving their microphones in the bedroom while they went for a secret chat in the garden

John James and Josie have been told off by Big Brother for talking without their microphones.

The rebellious duo - who have already been reprimanded for intentionally chatting without having the devices switched on - walked into the garden to have yet another heart-to-heart, leaving their mics behind in the bedroom.

Both were immediately called to the Diary Room and were told the whole house would be punished for their constant rule breaking.

Despite trying to tell make out the incident was an accident and they had just forgotten to put on their microphones, Big Brother was not taken in by the pair.

He said: "Big Brother is not a fool."

John James commented: "We were just talking s**t. They are not happy."

This is not the first time the couple have turned their mics off this week, as they have had numerous whispered conversations under the duvet about their feelings for one another.

Meanwhile, the Australian body builder - who faces the public vote alongside Ben, Dave and Andrew tomorrow (30.07.10) - has complained he feels "insignificant" in the compound and is desperate to get through the impending eviction to feel better about himself.

He explained: "For me to stay in the house and be happy I will have to survive this eviction. I just feel insignificant to the house.

"There's a lot of b******t that goes on in this house."

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